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“Not all spiritual paths lead to the Harmonious Oneness.
Indeed, most are detours and distractions, nothing more.”
- Lao Tzu from the Hua Hu Ching
“Only the liberated one can save the world.
The blind cannot guide the blind.”
– Sri Ramana Maharshi
Ramana Maharshi    

The Most Rapid and Direct Means to Eternal Bliss

Former title: The Impostor
"The ego controls all thinking."
"The ego creates arguments against the Direct Path as a preservation strategy."
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The author of these pages does not claim to have invented the awareness-watching-awareness method. Rather, after many years of searching, he intuitively discovered the method while on a visit to the Ramana Maharshi ashram in India. Before applying the method, he sought support for it in the teachings of Ramana and other realized teachers, and indeed found support for it there. Many of these supporting sources are referenced below. He then applied himself diligently to the practice, and in a little over two years time experienced the death of the ego and realized his real Self. He considers this method to be the most rapid and direct means to self-realization, and the writings on these pages are intended to explain this simple practice, thereby saving the aspirant many years of vain searching, the result of using less direct means.



Other Pages

Pages marked * have been superseded by chapters in the book (above)
* Awareness Watching Awareness - Practice Instructions
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* Awareness Watching Awareness - Further Clarification
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* The Abandon Release Method
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* The Reminder Page - Read This Every Day
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Five Sages Teaching the Direct Path
The 6 Rings - The most direct and the less direct paths
The original index for many of these pages, providing an overview of Direct Path Teachings.
A good starting point or "home base" for the teachings on this site.
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Sri Muruganar   Annamalai Swami   Sadhu Om
Sri Muruganar   Annamalai Swami   Sri Sadhu Om
Sadhu Om Swamigal

First Ring - Most Direct Means

* How I Discovered the Awareness Watching Awareness Method
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Turning Inward - How to Look Within - How to Practice
From Garland of Guru's (Ramana Maharshi's) Sayings by Sri Muruganar
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The World - 108 sayings - On ignoring and turning one's attention
away from the world and towards Awareness watching Awareness.
From Garland of Guru's (Ramana Maharshi's) Sayings by Sri Muruganar
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Sri Ramana Maharshi's Teachings on the topics of Thinking About,
Reading and Discussing Spiritual Teachings
Quotes by Sri Muruganar and by Ramana Maharshi (various sources)
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"Choice A" - Quotes
Encouraging descriptions of realization by Ramana, Muruganar, others.
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Realization ("Sri Ramana Experience") - by Sri Muruganar
One of the most detailed, clearly communicated, profound and heart touching descriptions of the experience of Self-Realization ever written.
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Experiences and Comments
The end of the illusion of the ego
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"Inquiry-Abidance" - Brief presentation of AWA Method
"How to Practice Self Awareness" - The Awareness Watching Awareness practice is best described as abidance in self-awareness.
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Second Ring

The journals of Sri Sadhu Om have been called the most detailed and clearly expressed instructions ever written on the practice of Self-inquiry as advocated by Ramana Maharshi. The following are from his book: The Path of Sri Ramana, which is available at Michael James' website (see below).

Self-Inquiry - Sri Sadhu Om (chapter 7)
Self-inquiry is only an aid to Self-Awareness; only Self-Awareness is the True Direct Path.
Although we formally refer to [Self-attention] as ‘directed’, in truth it is not of the nature of a ‘doing’ in the form of directing or being directed; it is of the nature of ‘being’ or ‘existing’.
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The Technique of Self-Inquiry - Sri Sadhu Om (chapter 8)
Penetrating insight and detailed instructions on how to apply the principles of Self-inquiry.
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Sri Annamali Swami
Sri Annamali Swami was closely associated with Ramana Maharshi for many years. There are currently no writings by him linked on this page. A copy of a very small (pocket edition) book "Annamalai Swami: Final Talks," edited by David Godman, published by AHAM, can be obtained via an internet search, or at Original site.

Third Ring

Who Am I? - by Ramana Maharshi
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Truth Revealed - 40 Verses on Reality - by Ramana Maharshi
"The Divine gives light to the mind and shines within it. Except by turning the mind inward and fixing it in the Divine, there is no other way to know Him through the mind."
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Nisargadatta   Siddharameshwar

Fourth Ring

I AM THAT - Selected comments of Nisargadatta Maharaj
Strongly encouraging remarks on how to practice.
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Fifth Ring

Direct Path - by Mouni Sadhu
Whoever knows of the hidden Direct Path will not waste time following lesser ways.
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Brief Biography of Ramana Maharshi
by T.M.P. Mahadevan, 1959, published by the Ramana Maharshi ashram
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"Sri Muruganar and Sri Sadhu Om" - by Michael James
A somewhat devotional tribute to these two "poet-saints" by the scholar/translator Michael James, but one that offers interesting background information on their working relationship with Sri Ramana, as they recorded and helped to explain his teachings.
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Sixth Ring

Ceasing to Pretend One Wishes to be Liberated
A look at tricks the ego uses to preserve its imaginary self.
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Spiritual Business - Why spiritual Truth is distorted into lies
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Sahaja - What is Liberation according to Sri Ramana Maharshi?
Avoiding a false sense of liberation
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Other writings

Comments on meetings with Vernon Howard
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Meditation Messages - from "Divine Sparks"
Clear and excellent aphorisms on meditation
Original site
Reasons for changes in the website format
(explaining changes to the old website)
Original site
Direct Path Books (and bookstores that carry them)
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Links to Sri Ramana groups around the world.
The Sri Ramana Community Page

Yahoo Groups

Group: ETERNAL BLISS This group will explore the teachings in the book:
Further clarifications, commentaries and explanations will be posted here.
Group: First Ring
Group: The Path of Sri Ramana - Part 1

Links page

Original site (ramanalinks.htm)

Ashram in India

Interesting information about Arunachala, the Ashram and the people associated with it.
Traveling To Sri Arunachala
Word document file - Maps and directions - click to open Word document

New Translations

Michael James tranlated the material by Sri Sadhu Om linked on this page.
His new translations of Who Am I? (Nan Yar?) and Forty Verses (Ulladu Narpadu) by Ramana Maharshi can be found in a copy of his book: Happiness and the Art of Being. A PDF version is available for free download by following these links:
Happiness and the Art of Being by Michael James: Main page for the book
Happiness and the Art of Being, free eBook: Direct link to PDF file, 2.0 megabytes
His website, dedicated to teachings of Ramana Maharshi:
Guru Vachaka Kovai (Garland of Guru's sayings) by Ramana, Muruganar, Sri Sadhu Om
edited by Michael James (a work in progress):
The Path of Sri Ramana (Part One) by Sri Sadhu Om - edited by Michael James
Opens a PDF file - 233 pages - 626 KB:


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