Albigen Group

What we are

A meeting place for individuals searching for the truth about our own nature.

On a more advanced level, an esoteric school, a brotherhood of truth-seekers.


We believe that truth is found by looking inside, and we explore ways of doing this.

We know that if we help others we will be helped.

We recognize that healing often must occur prior to philosophical development.

We are interested in critical inquiry rather than belief.

We are interested more in practice (action) than in theory.

Practice includes self-inquiry, meditation techniques, and what we call group-questioning.

We question our own actions and beliefs.

We agree to be questioned by the group in a spirit of brotherhood and friendship.


We are nondenominational but we follow the methods of the Albigen System outlined by Richard Rose.

We follow a threefold path: The way, the truth and the life.

Work is for oneself, for the group, and for the work.

We work within the ordinary circumstances of life, with occasional periods of isolation for contemplation.

Our work includes the study of other esoteric systems and groups.

What we are not

We are not a social or business networking group.

We are not motivated by money or interested in creating a movement.

We are not concerned with politics and we have no political agenda.

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